These songs are not for public consumption. This is a private area of the site. If you are listening to it it should be because I've given you access to it personally.

Because some of these are rough mixes that need parts added , remixing , mastering etc. They are more interesting I think, listened to on headphones.



Cindy and Sophie just some rules with the mixes. Can you not share any of the audio files apart on your own devices. Only want to publish the finished one.

I may update the file just now. So trash all the other ones you've downloaded and only use the latest one so we don't have tons of files laying round.


Just try using headphones and maybe try following the strings. The idea is to just jam along to it until you find some things that work. Then when we get together to put down some tracks you already have some idea of riffs to choose. Once its recorded in the mix its a lot easier to hear what works , so most decisions of what to put in happen while we're recording the tracks. same goes with vocals. ..ya gotta be creative and play/sing a few bad notes before you can get to what works. That can be more difficult when you haven't got a soundproof room.